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April, 2013
Cultivated Days Magazine Article Rogue Harmony by Prairie Stuart-Wolff

September, 2010
Voyage sur la Voie du Thé by
Marjorie Alessandrini, Art Contemporain, Le Nouvel Observateur

June, 2009
The Meaning of Tea by Scott Hoyt, Published by Talking Leaves Press
Interview and chapter on Guerrilla Tea Movement.

June, 2009
TV TOKYO.Sekai wo kaeru 100nin

January, 2009
Kyoto Journal

March, 2008
L’evenement de Bruxelles- Art Expo

March, 2008
Victoire Magazine

September, 2006
View Reuters TV Time Square Guerrilla Tea Performance

February, 2006
“I Love You” book on scripts around the world;
Published in six languages by Editions Le Cherche Midi, Paris;
Preface by Richard Vine, Managing Editor, Art In America

Read the prefaces in the interactive book “I Love You

Read Preface in English
Read Preface in French
Read Preface in Spanish
Read Preface in Japanese
Read Preface in Chinese
Read Preface in Arabic

January, 2006
View, Pierre Sernet Guerrilla Tea,  Courtesy of Reuters

December, 2005

December, 2005

December 29, 2004
New York Press
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January 1, 2003
Read Yomiuri Shimbum

August, 2002
Waraku Magazine on line

April, 2002
Asia Society Museum, T³ Video Screening
View, Video, part 1/2, Courtesy of SP2X LLC
View, Video, part 2/2, Courtesy of SP2X LLC